Greg you are awesome and mean the world to us

Greg, New Westminster, BC

Blue blood might be thicker than love lol.

Absolutely loved the time yesterday, as always you provide incredible value and energy. The whole office is ringing and every broker messaged us with excitement.  You’re the man, so thank you.

Also, thank you for the checklist Cant wait to get going.

Larry, Owner, Surrey, BC

Im new to the industry and I already feel ahead of the pact. I know I am! Very effective and efficient (and fun)


Hi Greg, last day of the year…

Did I ever thank you for all you did for me? Just in case I haven’t I’m sending this note to stroke your ego some more. 🙂

Got my first electronic application, saved me so much time as I didn’t have to manually input into expert. Advice on making 2 calls per day, I only made 10 calls so far butgot 2 renewals and 2 pre-approvals. My first insureline application is in process, recommend 2nd one today. Recommendation for the head shot was a must, wouldn’t have done without your encouragement. I actually tested it on client phone inquiry, got face to face meeting, yes you were right people are more comfortable knowing who they deal with.

Banner, and business cards are in process. Got great feedback so far!

Testimonials was another great idea, new purchase deal I did last week actually mentioned that those testimonials did give him me a comfort zone in choosing his broker. Lastly, blogging…. I am doing it alright!!!

You are awesome- I am grateful!

Thank you so very much for being wonderful and supportive!!!

Lisa B

Can’t thank Greg and Shamira enough for their assistance in getting my out of province deal done. Having both of them accessible and familiar with the file ensured super fast submission, updates and help with the inevitable hiccups!

Try the DLC Access Hub, it works 😉

Cari Hossmann

Thank you so  much Greg Domville for flying out today especially for our crew to do one of the best meetings we have ever had. You are super informative, no bs, real deal! We all walked away with hands on knowing how to be better. Thank you so much. We at DLC Calgary are very grateful.


Thank you for being so good to us. You are the best.


Certainly the best training session that I had since I am with DLC

Thanks to Greg !

Claude F

Had a one on one training session with Greg, this afternoon, and it was phenomenal. Greg simplified the learning so well that at the end of the session I felt like a pro. Greg has such great energy and enthusiasm for people to succeed. Greg suggested some great marketing ideas that will help me forward my marketing strategies.

Thank you so very much Greg for your time and support.


Thanks again for your time today – an excellent training session !

Your expertise and experience really gives us confidence moving forward and recruiting more brokers.