1. Velocity CRM Software Workshop:
    • Wow your clients with an automated process that will send consistent, and timely messages on specific mortgage related dates. Eg. 7 days after closing an email will go directly to your clients thanking them for the business, or anniversary and renewal notices, birthday message, etc. Keep your name top of your client’s mind!


  1. Autopilot Email Marketing Software:
    • Send mass emails to prospects and referral sources
    • Easily post any template onto your social media, including DLC Newsletters and Blogs
    • Add clients, prospects and referral sources to your professional newsletter program
    • Track your client CASL consent (Canadian Anti-Spam Legislation)


  1. DLC Intranet Overview
    • Overview Includes, PVS, Product Advisor, Email signature creator, marketing and training tools.


  1. B Lending, B brokering, B training … or use your Plan B Desk
    • DLC wants our agents to know B … so get trained or use Plan B, but you have options
    • How to best package a B deal
    • Meet some B lenders, Alt A, Credit Unions, MIC’s
    • Exit plans and FICOM compliance
  1. DLC Head Office Updates:
    • Discussing any new updates with tools & Technology, events, contests, and any marketing or business building initiatives geared to growing your business.


  1. Compliance Review
    • AB and BC broker forms and compliance review
    • forms – are you using them correct and know why
    • Equifax consent and Certificate of Indemnification                                                      


  1. Credit Bureau training
  • How to read from the eyes of a lender
  • Improve approval ratios
  • Learn as much as you can about your consumer
  • Be prepared


  1. Appraisal Training
  • What lenders look at
  • Prevent declines before lender reviews report
  • Find more value


  1. File Desks
  • Max profits and efficiency
  • Plan B, DLC Leasing and DLC Commercial, Access Desk


  1. Marketing, social media style
  • Using DLC material to ensure you are INTERESTING to your database
  • AutoPilot is DLC’s Facebook
  • Use Client Manager to get 5 stars on google, Facebook, Yelp etc
  • Don’t always talk shop in your marketing efforts


  1. ABC of Closings
  • Always Be Closing
  • Some tips on sales and closing the deal
  • Sales Path Model

13. Give yourself a raise!

  • auxiliary products are perfect compliments of our services. Offer them. Clients will love them
  • diversify your income
  • tips on successful sales