Thank you so  much Greg Domville for flying out today especially for our crew to do one of the best meetings we have ever had. You are super informative, no bs, real deal! We all walked away with hands on knowing how to be better. Thank you so much. We at DLC Calgary are very grateful.


Thank you for being so good to us. You are the best.


Certainly the best training session that I had since I am with DLC

Thanks to Greg !

Claude F

Had a one on one training session with Greg, this afternoon, and it was phenomenal. Greg simplified the learning so well that at the end of the session I felt like a pro. Greg has such great energy and enthusiasm for people to succeed. Greg suggested some great marketing ideas that will help me forward my marketing strategies.

Thank you so very much Greg for your time and support.


Thanks again for your time today – an excellent training session !

Your expertise and experience really gives us confidence moving forward and recruiting more brokers.


Greg, thanks for your time today.

Even though I have done a number of these types of deals (B deals) over the years hearing your take on this was invaluable.

Like you I have my favorites. But that was then; I think there is great value in utilizing the resources at hand.

I know we got tremendous value from your information. I certainly did.

So thank you once again for sharing your knowledge and your valuable time with us.



So dedicated to ALWAYS delivering the best service and product to ALL his clients. Greg does not just find approvals, but finds the BEST approvals. Ethics and service are his#1

I want to share feedback from our most recent broker team meeting where Greg

Domville was our guest speaker. I believe I speak for our entire team when I say that the Greg’s

presentation was, without exception, the most informative DLC presentation I have been

a part of!

I personally have pages of notes that include new ideas for creating sales opportunities, branding,

and tools that will assist my broker partners as they grow their business.

There was so much VALUE-ADD that we have invited Greg to return at his first opportunity to

‘zero in’ on specific topics.

Warm Regards,


I’m going to put in writing what I’ve already told you face-to-face because you certainly deserve all the accolades you get: you are an amazing trainer!

You took what could have been relatively dry, intranet training and turned it into a super-powered, jam-packed session with exciting marketing tips and tricks.

Keep doing what you’re doing – you’re a rockstar! You’re welcome back to our Clarity office in Calgary any time, as you’ve got the RIGHT STUFF. 😊


All I can say is wow! You blew us away today! We were really impressed with the content and marketing ideas  and the way you presented was phenomenal . No boring meeting with you. You really motivated us and I could see from around the room everyone was impressed Fantastic ideas and important information . We will definitely implement  your marketing ideas. We look  forward to more  session like the one you did today.

Thank you

Pat and Dennis